Snowshoe in Solitude -
Badger Two Medicine roadless area

The sun still shines brightly in my memory of the Badger-Two Medicine. In the dead of winter during a cold snap, my great friend Dennis and I snowshoed four days through the Badger-Two Medicine roadless area – a mountainous chunk of undeveloped forest nestled aside the vast Bob Marshall Wilderness complex. Across Highway 2 from our snowy continental divide trailhead, impassable cliffs with craggy peaks shrink away from their Glacier National Park border. Dennis and I get out of the pickup and realize that we are nestled in an enormous pocket of natural wealth and rugged beauty.

For a day and a half we make tracks up a small creek valley. Whether the water drains to the Atlantic or the Pacific I cannot know for sure. The snow is light; the air is crisp. Our conversation bobs along pleasantly with our footsteps between long stretches of quiet. After a night by the creek and a night at a snowed-in Forest Service cabin, we climb and spend a sunny day in the surrounding high country. From our hard-earned vantage point atop a sunny wind-blown ridge, miles upon miles of virgin wild lands extend in all directions.

The sensation of being bare-chested and slowly spinning to spiritually inspiring panorama views of remote mountains and snow, forests and rivers cannot be canned, bottled, produced, or imitated. Nothing will ever replace the satisfaction I felt hiking, camping and living in a place that has thrived purely by nature’s balancing influence for millennia.