There is nothing better than Hunting and Fishing in the Backcountry

Protecting Montana’s backcountry from new roads is an important element in preserving the opportunity for Montanans to access the highest quality hunting and fishing we all cherish.  Many of us hunt in the roadless backcountry and don’t even realize it.  Roadless areas are generally easy to get to, yet maintain healthy herds of big game and strong fisheries of wild trout by providing core habitat where it is needed.  Read on for more…

Montana’s five-week elk season — the envy of the nation — depends on the backcountry

  • Montana’s unroaded backcountry provides world-class backcountry hunting for elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, bear, deer and moose;

  • Fewer roads means longer hunting seasons with more tags issued; 

  • Montana hunting traditions include the nation's longest elk hunting seasons with Montana’s general elk rifle season lasting five weeks;

  • Roadless forests provide needed habitat security to sustain healthy elk herds with a capacity to hold mature bulls at levels three times as high as areas with roads; and

  • If Montana wishes to remain a big game hunter’s paradise —generating $360 million annually from elk and deer hunting alone — we must protect the backcountry.

Montana’s world class trout fishing - flows from roadless areas:

  • Roadless headwaters provide the cleanest, coldest sources of Montana’s famous Blue Ribbon trout streams, such as Rock Creek, the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone and Big Hole Rivers.  These great trout rivers depend on backcountry areas to supply clear, cool waters;

  • Roadless waters are important both for troubled native trout, like westslope cutthroat and bull trout, but also popular introduced species like rainbow trout;

  • Considering that $300 million is generated annually from anglers, keeping the backcountry intact and free from new roads is clearly a wise investment; and

  • Other benefits of clean water include quality irrigation, drinking, boating, and waterfowl hunting.

Sign the petition supporting the Sportsmen's Rules 4 Roadless Areas guidelines.

Choose from the following (pdf) to learn why Montana’s roadless backcountry is important four our hunting and fishing heritage:

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Documents and Scientific Info about hunting, fishing, and the backcountry:

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