Horses and Mules: Born for the backcountry

The freedom to saddle up and ride without fences, roads, and no-trespassing signs dates back centuries in Montana.  In Montana, we are very fortunate to be able to ride our horses and pack stock into the backcountry for days, even though we may own only a couple acres at home.

Whether you ride for pleasure and/or use your stock as a tool for hunting in the fall, you likely depend on backcountry areas accessed by trails.  Montana’s roadless backcountry guarantees that all Montana horseriders have access to a great place to ride, not just folks lucky enough to own an estate.  If you appreciate this pastime and longstanding Montana tradition, please take a few minutes to let Governor Schweitzer know how important the backcountry is for the average Montana horse owner.

Look below for more information on where to go riding and how to get involved with the backcountry horse community:

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