Hiking and Camping in Roadless National Forests -
The best there is!

There are few things finer than quality time spent hiking and camping with family and friends in Montana’s premier backcountry.  Montana’s roadless lands are generally easily accessible, yet have the power to make you feel like you’re the only person to have ever been there.

Popular roadless backcountry areas in Montana include the Swan Range, the Bridgers, the Elkhorns and others.  Many have the finest scenery you could ever imagine, yet do not draw the large crowds on weekends like national parks and formal recreation areas.  These are the “secret” places the locals know and love, where generations of Montana families have spent time with their friends hiking and camping during the summer, hunting in the fall and enjoying the snow in winter.

If you enjoy the Great Outdoors for your entire vacation, for a weekend or even just an afternoon, you will find access in Montana’s roadless national forests.  If you are interested in spending more time exploring new trails and scenery, but do not know where to go - take a look below at our hiking information and get out and see Montana’s world renowned roadless National Forests.  If you want these places to remain available and beautiful for our families, please take a moment to write a letter to Governor Schweitzer today!

View our map section to find a backcountry area near your home!

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