Protect Your Outdoor Heritage:
Contact Your County Commissioners Today!

All Montana counties with roadless national forest land inside their borders have the opportunity to give recommendations to the governor about whether new roads should be build or not in the backcountry.  Given the road maintenance backlog on existing roads and the great outdoor recreation that exists in the roadless backcountry, building new roads just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Read below to see how you can spend five minutes letting your County Commissioners know that we don’t need any new roads and we like our outdoor traditions- like hunting, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, and horseback riding.

Suggested talking points for your letter:

  • Keeping our national forest backcountry free of new roads is common sense that maintains our Montana way of life.

  • Natural, pristine headwaters safeguard Montana’s purest streams and water sources for drinking, irrigating, fishing and boating.

  • Roadless headwaters provide the cleanest, coldest sources of Montana’s famous Blue Ribbon trout streams, such as Rock Creek, the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone and Big Hole Rivers.

  • Fewer roads means longer hunting seasons with more tags issued:  Montana’s five-week elk hunting season — the envy of the nation — depends on the habitat security provided by the backcountry;  

  • Roadless areas support Montana’s way of life, from hiking, horseback riding and berry picking to cross-country skiing, hunting, and fishing;

  • Montana’s wildlife-related industries contribute $1.7 billion to the state economy every year, supporting jobs and families;

  • Montana’s National Forests already contain 32,531 miles of roads and the current road maintenance backlog on Montana’s National Forests is $669 million.

  • Keeping these areas roadless is simple common sense; the Forest Service already has far more roads than it can afford to maintain.

Send a letter via email to your County Commissioners. Simply select your county from the list below and type your letter: